Architectural styles / Time Periods in Denmark...



Bygningskultur Danmark (Building Culture Denmark) made a series of videos to describe how architecture has changed in Denmark through the times.

1000-1150: Roman Middle Ages
1150-1525: Gothic Middle Ages
1500-1650: Renaissance
1660-1760: Baroque
1760-1850: Classicism
1850-1910: Historicism
1890-1910: Romantic nationalism
1915-1930: Neoclassicism
1925-1945: Functionalism
1945-1975: Modernism



Ólafur Arnalds / JANUS RASMUSSEN - Musical projects...



Ólafur Arnalds is a multi-instrumentalist from Iceland who has explored several musical genres. The ambient / electronica of late is a favourite of mine. 'Particles' with Nanna B. Hilmarsdóttir (Of Monsters and Men) is something I keep coming back to. His project 'Kiasmos' with Janus Rasmussen (Bloodgroup and Byrta) from the Faroe Islands is also a must hear - if you are into atmospheric / laid-back electronica.

4th of July celebration - in Rebild, Denmark...



Danish-Americans have celebrated 4th of July in the hills of Rebild (Rebild National Park) since 1912. It's the largest 4th of July celebration outside the USA. Notables such as Walt Disney, Richard Nixon, Walter Cronkite, George Bush senior, Ronald Reagan and Victor Borge have participated over the years. John F. Kennedy sent this message in 1962 / 1963...

Tycho - Musician Scott Hansen...



Electronica, ambient, chillout - the genre has many names - Scott Hansen creates soundscapes that are dreamy and atmospheric. He also does graphical design as ISO50. 


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Off-road vehicle porn - Humvee vs. Unimog...



For those who need their vehicles to go from 'a to b' no matter the geography. The Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) was built for the US military (later it became the civilian Hummer H1) while the Unimog was first of all a civilian vehicle used mostly by farmers - to begin with. The Unimog video explains some of the technology behind its capabilities...



Greenland - Explorers by nature...



3 short videos by Visit Greenland introducing 'the hunter' (Thor Eugenius), 'the artist' (Paninnguaq Lind Jensen) and 'the sheep farmers' (Lars & Makkak Nielsen). These are just some of the people living in south Greenland...

And a bonus video by Visit Greenland on 'Village culture in Greenland'...



Vikings - Real Vikings documentary...



HBO Nordic / History Channel made a number of documentaries to go along with the TV-series 'Vikings'. Get to know about Viking history, society, norse mythology and folklore.



Little Man - Danish short film...



Little Man is an award winning short film by Esben Tønnesen (2006). 8 year old Mathias has to write an essay for school - he decides to write about 'The way girls are - a handbook by Mathias'. 


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